Purse Hangers Info


The Purse Hanger makes stylish and unique present!

La Luux trendy and lightweight purse hangers offer peace of mind and

a nice companion accessory to your purses no matter where you go. 

  • These trendy and fabulous accessory will let you hang your purse up right next to you wherever you are; never resort to placing your fancy purse on the dirty ground again.
  • Did you know that in many cultures believe that leaving your purse on the floor is bad luck and means you will lose money?
  • So hang that purse up with one of our Laluux Purse Hangers!
  • How to use it? Simply unwind the chrome chain link, place the chic hanger on any table surface,
  • and your bag will instantly be hanging stylishly right next to you.
  • The purse hanger is securely held in place by the weight of your own bag.
  • The obvious benefits:
  •  LaLuux purse hangers are the size of a poker chip, light, and easy to use.
  •  Our fabulous purse hangers support up to 7-10 kg so that they can hold purses and handbags for all occasion. 
  • Use a purse hanger at a fancy restaurant, visiting your doctor or a hairdresser; use them everywhere.
  • Each purse hanger comes with a luxurious suede pouch to keep it looking new while it is not in use.
  • Off the dirty floor and not occupying space on the table. 
  • Your purse will be closer to you and safer from thieves. 
  • You will gain an added spark of elegance. 
  • Laluux purse hangers make the great and inexpensive gift for your friends and family. (Read more in this articel from Business Ezinemark)
  • It is a simple but trendy gift that they’ll love you for! Choose from different designs and colors.
  • Remember to buy three: (1) for taking with you anywhere you go, (2) for your desk at work or home, and (3) as a gift.
  • Or simply collect the different styles.
E-mail me at svetlana [at] laluux [dot] com (subject: Purse Hangers) or phone: 00 45 30 61 13 30